Heck, what if you could even enjoy yourself,

while wearing a mask?

With Freedom from Mask Anxiety feeling ok while wearing a mask is not only possible, it's easy!


In this simple 4-step process you can change the way your brain and body react to wearing a mask,

thereby eliminating the need for panic and anxiety, and allowing for a calm, peaceful experience

Tell me, does this sound like you?

“I just want to feel ok wearing my mask!"


 “I know it’s ridiculous, but I feel like I can’t breathe and I’m gonna die.”


“I have a past experience that is preventing me from feeling ok in a mask.”

What if there was a way to turn off your body’s physical

response to wearing a mask?

A way to feel calm and even peaceful while wearing a mask?

There is a way and it's easy.

Which is exactly why I created Freedom from Mask Anxiety,

because you deserve to know the secrets that I used to go from feeling

crazy and out of control to feeling calm and collected while wearing a mask.

So if you're ready to free yourself from anxiety while wearing a mask,

then grab this easy 4-step program and get started immediately

finding Freedom from Mask Anxiety for only...



It's true, only 4 simple steps

Freedom from Mask Anxiety can help you reduce or eliminate your panic and anxiety while wearing a mask by reprogramming your subconscious mind so you feel calm, relaxed, and even peaceful while wearing a mask. This takes out the guesswork and effort on your part.  

You just sit back, relax, and let the recordings do all the work.

WARNING SIDE EFFECT MAY OCCUR: You may feel less overall panic and anxiety, in general. I will not be held responsible for an increase in wellbeing beyond that of wearing a mask, you are assuming this risk by purchasing this product.

This is what you'll get!

Proven Framework

Follow along with the simple 4-step process that is laid out for you all in one place. All the guesswork is taken out and as I guide you to living free from mask anxiety. You just have to decide how fast or slow you go. You can complete the program in days or just hours.

It's up to you!

Sit back, relax, and listen

Most of the Magic in Freedom From Mask Anxiety is in the recordings.  They work on a subconscious level, so you don't have to really do anything, except follow along with the visualizations. All of the recordings are available with and without background music for a customizable experience.

Get maximum results

The recordings are so powerful, they are really all you'll need to feel better wearing a mask. For maximum results (and for extreme cases), I recommend taking advantage of the extra support and complete the accompanying writing exercises. You are in control of how much work you want to do.

Right now you just want to feel ok wearing a darn mask!

I get it...

You want to be able to breathe freely and feel comfortable wearing a mask, even though you may have a past experience that you know is triggering your anxiety.

Imagine if this was all possible.

Imagine taking a deep breath through the mask and feeling refreshed and alive. Imagine staying calm at the grocery store and not triggered by other shoppers. Imagine enjoying time with a friend while wearing a mask.

This can happen for you and quickly with

Freedom from Mask Anxiety

for only $19



So why did I create Freedom from Mask Anxiety?

Hi, I’m Keslie Mack!

I am a Certified Hypnotherapy Teacher, Reiki Master Instructor, Intuitive Healer, and Guide who specializes in releasing complex post-traumatic stress and toxic stress. I have helped dozens of people all over the world heal their past trauma to create a better future for themselves.

After a lifetime of claustrophobia, I had gotten myself to a place of only being triggered by something covering my mouth and nose. My entire body could be bundled tightly and wrapped, as long as I could breathe fresh air. Since this didn't come up often, I was ok as far as I was concerned.



I knew it was time to face this last piece of my challenge.

So, I did just that! I developed a 4-step process to reprogram my brain and body to have a calm response to wearing a mask instead of one filled with panic and fear. Then I used the process on myself to get my current place of comfort while wearing a mask.

Now I had to share it, so others could benefit as much as I have.

Not only is social media is filled with people who would do anything to avoid having to wear a mask, I see them fighting with everything they have. They believe the response their body is having is inevitable and nothing can help them.

They feel doomed to suffer or forced to rebel and not wear a mask. But I had the formula for experiencing calm while wearing a mask, no matter how bad it once was.

And now I am introducing the Freedom from Mask Anxiety to the world so that you can kiss anxiety and panic goodbye and welcome in a peaceful experience of being OK in a mask.

What’s in it for you?

Freedom from Mask Anxiety can help anyone who is looking for a solution to feeling anxiety and panic when wearing a mask. If you are ready to experience calm and relaxation while wearing a mask, then I’ve got you covered!!

Find Safety Within

I am going to give you the tools and experience you need to help you anchor to safety in all of your senses.

Find Safety in a Mask

Following my lead, you can learn to find safety with something touching your mouth and nose.

Find Safety in Public

Find more joy than you ever thought possible while wearing a mask. Seriously, you'll be amazed! 

"But I've been like this for years, how can it just go away so quickly and easily? Shouldn't this take time and energy?"

Easy, by using proven hypnotherapy methods to access your subconscious mind and it’s connection to your body, you can quickly reprogram your brain’s response to stimuli without effort on your part. All you have to do is remain open to the idea (it's still your brain and you have free will and can prevent the change from happening).

Don't get me wrong, this isn't the only way to feel better wearing a mask. You can take the traditional route and go spend hundreds of dollars on a therapist who can walk you the long way around.

You can find peace while wearing a mask without Freedom From Mask Anxiety,

it will just be a lot more effort and take a lot longer.

Who is this for?

For those with Physical Symptoms

  • Your heart rate increases

  • Your heart pounds

  • Your throat feels like it’s closing up

  • You get sweaty, nauseous, and/or shaky,

  • You feel like you can’t breathe and may even feel lightheaded

    • For those with Emotional Symptoms

    • You feel like you will be being buried alive or trapped

    • You feel like you might die.

    • You feel extreme panic

    • You feel like you will never feel ok wearing a mask

    • You worry about the next time you are going to have to wear a mask

    4 Biohacks for

    fast, easy success!

    Use the power of your subconscious mind to unlock your Freedom from Mask Anxiety

    Biohack #1: Find Safety

    Not feeling safe is at the route of all panic and anxiety symptoms. Many of us have a hard time feeling safe at all. Some only have trouble in certain situations.  The key to all anxiety is to find safety. Find safety, find calm, find peace. 

    Biohack #3: Safety in a Mask

    In order to feel ok in a mask, we start by helping you find safety while wearing a mask. Easing your body and mind into finding safety and comfort wearing a mask is not only possible, it's easy. Simply listening to the recording and follow along.  All that 

    Biohack #2: Safety in the past

    Our brains will try to protect us whether or not there is real danger. Finding the route cause of the perceived danger and calming the response at the source offers a lasting solution to panic.

    Biohack #4: Safety in Public

    Feeling okay in a mask is one thing, but feeling ok in a mask IN PUBLIC is a whole other ball game. You're not home. No worries, the same science applies here too.  With the Finding Safety in Public, just follow along.  You may even look forward to your next outing.

    Any Questions?


    Is this going to be hard?

    Not unless you consider filling out a few worksheets and listening to a calming recording "hard".  

    Do I have to be able to print anything?

    Nope. Everything can be done online or on paper you already have.

    Can I share this with my family and friends?

    I ask that in order to allow me to keep providing Freedom from Mask Anxiety to people around the world at an affordable price that you please only share this with those in your immediate family/household. If you’d like to share the program with those beyond your immediate family after your purchase, please encourage them to purchase their own version of the program. If you do choose to share we want to make sure that your friends and family don’t pay a penny more than you did, so after purchase, on the page where you will find the recordings, there will be a link and coupon code you can share with friends and family to get them the same price you did even if the sale has ended and the price has gone up.

    How long do I get access to Freedom from Mask Anxiety?

    You will have access to the materials forever, as well as receive any improved aspects of the program or new bonuses I add. You will receive an email shortly after purchase that will have a link and password to access the online audios. You can choose to listen online or to download the mp3 files for listening offline.

    Will I be able to use this? I have zero Tech skills.

    As long as you have access and basic knowledge of how to listen to something on a computer or a smartphone, you can use this product. In the Freedom Stairway, I walk you through the process in a way that will make it easy for you to follow and understand, no matter your level of tech skills.

    What technology do I need to have to make this work?

    Access to a computer or smart device with speakers is all you need. There are materials that you can print, but they can be either completed online or on regular paper as well.

    'Biohack' for my brain and body? What kind of voodoo is this?

    Haha, It’s not voodoo, but it does seem to work like magic. It is simply using the power of your subconscious mind to change how your brain and body respond to stimuli, also knons as a meditation. Everything we experience gets stored in our brain so that we know how to respond to future situations that are similar. We know that hot things can burn you and not to touch them. If we attended public middle school, we also know that peers can be brutal and that public speaking can be very dangerous. (haha) The point is, our brains are always ready to protect us from something that might hurt physically or emotionally. If you are experiencing panic from something that can’t really hurt you, your brain is simply playing a trick on you trying to protect you from being hurt, when danger is not imminent. The quickest way to fix this response is to allow your brain to have a new experience of the same situation in a calm relaxed body. These recordings will relax your mind and walk you through the steps of having new experiences while in a calm and controlled state, thereby changing the way your brain and body respond to the feeling of a mask on your face.

    You say anyone can use this, but what about kids?

    This can be beneficial to anyone approx 3 and older, but not all audios apply to kids. They will be marked on the audio page. Also keep in mind that some kids may not want to do them and some may not be able to stay focused enough to fully experience, them with their eyes closed. In these cases, playing them idly in the background will potentially help them. The second and third audios can be something you do together with your eyes open, following the prompts and keeping it fun and light. Please email me if you have questions about how to use these for kids. If I get enough responses, I may create a program specifically for kids under 12 years of age.

    How does this work?

    After you make the purchase you will receive an email that will walk you through the process of how to access the materials. It will be laid out in an easy to understand format and will be able to be used by those with even the most basic tech skills. The materials will be located on a webpage that you will have access to forever. You will also be able to download the audios to your smartphone, computer, or other listening devices for use when you do not have internet access.

    Are there other programs out there like this one?

    Freedom from Mask Anxiety is the only program of this type available on the market, as far as I know (please let me know if you know of another one). This is the only self-led program that offers what Freedom from Mask Anxiety offers. There is no other program that delivers the same powerful results in such a short time. Aside from oodles of websites offering tips and tricks for how to manage your symptoms (yes I have even put all of this information into one place to save you time and energy), or spending hundreds of dollars on a therapist or other ono-on-one mental health professional or healer, there is no one out there to support people like you who are suffering every time you have to put on a face mask.

    Can’t do this on your own, the subconscious aspect needs to have someone else or a recording leading you through the process.

    If you need someone else or a recording, how could you have used this program for yourself before making it available to us?

    I recorded the original version of these for myself and then did them as though I was the client. I allowed the recording to walk me through the process and allowed myself to be guided by my own voice. This is how I know they work. I see the benefits every time I leave the house. All I did was edit them for professional use to share with you and added the support of the other tools I used to support my growth.

    Refund Policy

    Due to the digital nature of this product and that you are allowed to download the materials for later use, there will be no refunds after purchase. Thank you for understanding.

    You can allow all of this...

    Stairway to Freedom

    The simple 4-step framework is easy to find and navigate for even the most tech-challenged.

    Biohack Bundle

    Recorded audios, with and without music, designed to change your response to a mask with no effort from you.

    Bonus Exercise

    Maximize your potential for a joyous experience wearing a mask by completing the accompanying exercises.

    ... to be yours if you choose

    I know, I know you just want to feel ok wearing your mask.

    You just want to take a breath while wearing your mask without your body freezing up.

    You want to feel normal again.



    Imagine if you jumped in and grabbed Freedom from Mask Anxiety right now and got started immediately?

    What if within just a few days or even hours you were able to put on that mask and feel OK?

    What if you no longer dreaded leaving the house because of the mask?

    What if you could visit with friends and actually enjoy time wearing a mask?


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